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The Three-Day Cleanse and Mucusless Diet
By Janet L Gray
With Exerts from Dr. John Christopher

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    This cleansing program will purify the body so it may be healed.  If you are overweight, this program will take you down to your normal body weight, and if you are underweight, it will bring you up to normal. The purpose of the entire program is to eliminate mucus from the body so that the patient is healed in a natural way.- Herbal Home Health Care, 1976

    If you came to this page because you are looking for the three day diet, this could be the start of a healthy new lifestyle, free from heaviness, fatigue, illness, depression and death. This is probably not the 3-day quick fix diet everyone is looking for, but it may save your life.

    If one is to successfully heal themselves of a current illness, lose weight, prepare their bodies for pregnancy, or to be totally healthy, a three to seven day cleanse is essential.  The body should be clear of built up waste that "constipates" all the other organs (making us sick or out of balance).  So before beginning a mucusless diet, a cleanse is often recommended.

    It is believed that any retention or accumulation of waste, feces, mucus and toxins can create dysfunction of our organs and therefore create disease, as well as retard the healing process and recovery.  There are four major eliminatory organs that excrete waste; the lungs, the pores, the kidneys, and the bowels.

    The pores sweat out the toxins which is why we should not try to prevent sweating with antiperspirants. The kidneys eliminate the wastes from the liver and the metabolism.  And most significant towards our general well being; the bowels eliminate food waste, cells and tissues that, if built up, can result in toxemia and acidosis.  Bowel cleansing is the first step to wellness.

    Although, I must add that it takes a great deal of stamina and determination to partake in the 3-day and you must congratulate yourself for deciding to prepare your body in such a way.  Remember that in all the major religions, fasting is incorporated in the weekly expectations, although few of us do it today.  I believe that it was a great wisdom that was passed down to keep us clean and healthy and to live long lives (as they did in the Bible).

    The 3-day Cleanse
    Drink 16oz. of Prune Juice - first thing in the morning to start the cleansing process as it draws toxins into the bowels to be eliminated.

    Drink 8oz. of fresh juice- Apple, Carrot, Grape, Citrus, Tomato etc.-but only choose one to drink though out the three days.  Drink after one half hour of the prune juice and drink though out the day equally a gallon of juice.  You may also drink pure water between juice.

    SWISH the juice in your mouth to act as a chewing action and provide the needed saliva for proper digestion.

    Do not eat anything all day, unless you are very hungry towards the end of the day , then you may eat apples or carrots or the appropriate corresponding vegetable or fruit that you are using for juice.

    Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil three times a day, to help in lubricating the bile and liver ducts.

    You may experience constipation during these three days, if so you can use more prune juice or add the following herbs three times a day.  The following formula can be found by many companies including Nature's Way- Naturalax2, and Nature's Sunshine-LB-X.

    Look for these ingredients:

  • Barberry bark
  • Cascara Sagrada
  • Cayenne
  • Ginger
  • Lobelia herb and/or seeds
  • Red Raspberry leaves
  • Turkey Rhubard leaves
  • Fennel
  • Golden Seal root

    A "healing crisis' may occur with symptoms of periodic aches and pains, and you may even feel very ill.   Don't worry during this period, you are eliminating the toxins that you want  to remove from your body.  It takes patience and knowledge to realize that a healing process is under way and and the sooner you feel the discomfort, the better.

    It is also important to realize that an accumulation of toxic wastes over a lifetime cannot be eliminated in three days, but it is a start. Also, if you if you are trying to acheive something like losing weight or getting pregnant or eliminating cancer, it takes work. But you will be grateful for every day onward that you did what it takes to make it happen.

    For more detailed information on the "Three-Day Mucusless Diet" consult Dr. Christopher's booklet with the same title or read "Guide to Better Bowel Care" by Dr. Bernard Jensen.

    The Mucusless Diet

    After the first three days of cleansing, if a person has the desire or ability to do so, it is always profitable to fast one to three days using only distilled water, then a day of juice, before returning to salads and other regular foods. Do not eat any heavy foods immediately after a cleansing period or after a fast,  but add these gradually .  This is the best and smoothest way to get back into solid foods.- Three-day Mucusless Diet, 1969
  • We should try to keep mucus forming foods out of the body.  With the Mucusless diet, the sinuses, bronchi, lungs, and all  the tissues in the body will be free of catarrh.

    What to Eliminate:
    Eggs-extremely mucus forming
    Sugar and sugar products
    Salt- substitute herbs and kelp
    Meat-may eat organic white meat occasionally
    Milk and all dairy products- very mucus forming
    Flour and flour products- heat changes it to a mucus-forming substance

    What to Add:
    Cayenne- 1 tbs. 3 times a day (gradually)
    Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar-1 tbs. of each in warm water 3 times a day
    Kelp- 10 to 15 tablets a day if you have a thyroid problem
    Molasses- 1 Tbs. 3 times a day (sorghum or blackstrap)
    Wheat Germ Oil- 1 Tbs. 3 times a day
    Fresh fruits
    Fresh Vegatables

    3 Day Mucusless Diet    Juice Fasting    Mucusless Diet Healing System    South Beach Diet    Top Ten Diets
    The Maker's Diet-40 Day Plan   The Okinawa Diet Plan   Nashville Diet- 3 Step Plan   
    The Mediterranean Diet

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