About Natural Mom.com

We are a group of moms who are choosing to take responsibility for our family's health and well being by educating ourselves in the areas of Natural Medicine, Environmental Awareness, Organic Food, Public Health Policies,Personal Care Product Use and Natural Parenting Techniques.

  • We feel it important to take back the control of our physical health from the modern medical community and technological society who are slow to recognize the benefits of holistic medicine and the spirit/mind/body connection.

  • We will be bringing together the past, present and future and sorting out the information and tools available for the mom who wants to maintain a natural lifestyle in a society that is constantly throwing synthetic and over-processed products into our lives.

  • We recognize the tremendous dedication a mother must make to eliminate all unnatural items and habits from her and her family's life. We hope to supply enough ideas and information to make it a rewarding and stress free experience.

  • We have also learned that it is impossible to live in a plastic bubble and to maintain a natural lifestyle 100% of the time. It is best to relax and do whatever you can to keep the kids happy and healthy and to give yourself a break.

  • Through education, sharing, discussion groups, books, and the like, we all can be our own doctors, healers, teachers, and creators.

  • We hope that this site will serve as a home for those resources, articles, columns, surveys, and links to other sites that will help empower you on your journey of being a natural parent.

  • This site will act like life itself; in constant change and renewal. It is our commitment to offer to you researched information, and tools that will help you make informed decisions in today's hectic and often toxic world.

  • We have personally compiled encyclopedias of information on herbs, vitamins, minerals, and topics that will be useful to your search. We have also provided a store to help you aquire the nessecary tools for healing. The store is not the main motivation for the site, it is personal empowerment that is our main concern.

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