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Natural Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum Products


Natural Products for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Post Partum Care Including: Morning Sickness, Heartburn, Stretchmarks, Hemorrhoids, Labor Ease, Birthing, Breast Engorgement, Postpartum Recovery, Teas, Tinctures, Balms, Compresses, Massage Oils, Pregnancy Gift Packs, Gift registry, Birth Plan, Article Database, Click here

A Little Something For Baby

A Little Something For Mama-To-Be

Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle

Angel Baby Bath Blossoms

Angel Baby Bottom Balm

Angel Baby Shampoo- Body Wash

Baby Essentials Bundle

Angel Baby Lotion

Angel Baby Oil 

Natural Nipple Butter

We highly recommend Earth Mama Angel Baby for all your pregnancy and post partum needs.


MindSoothe Jr. for Child and Teen Depression

Serenite Jr. for Child and Teen Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

K-OK Kiddie Calmer for Shyness and Child Anxiety

Tula Tantrum Tamer for Child Tantrums

Be-Dry for Child Bedwetting

Eddy Ear Sprinkles for Baby and Child Ear Infections

A+ TestCalmer for Children and Teens to Calm Exam Nerves

Congesto-K KiddieRub - Chest Massage Oil for Children

Chikkie Spot Drops to Soothe Irritability and Calm the Anxious Child

JuniorSlim for Children to Prevent Weight Gain and Obesity

KiddieBoost for Child's Immune System Health

KiddieCool for Children to Calm, Soothe and Reduce Fever

Kiddie Florish for Children to Promote Healthy Appetite

KiddieVom Sprinkles to Relieve Child Nausea and Vomiting

Mom's Magic Trauma Sprinkles for Children for Soothing Crying, Shock and Upset

"You can trust the natural effectiveness of Native Remedies" ~ Natural Mom.com

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