Cold and Flu Compendium
Knowledge is Empowerment

Using natural herbal remedies requires building confidence in the knowledge that has been passed on to us by the naturalists and herbalists of previous and current generations.  There have been many times when I didn't have the confidence to stick with a remedy long enough because I didn't see immediate results. 

But now that I have 10 years of experience of helping myself and my children with herbal remedies, instead of with antibiotics and acetominophen and all of the other pharmaceutical concoctions, I feel very confident in helping them with nature's pharmacy. 

I also have faith that God gave us everything we need, naturally, to help overcome our physical shortcomings.  There's is a wealth of knowledge on herbal "medicine" and embracing that knowledge is our empowerment for keeping our families healthy, naturally. 

We at NaturalMom.Com do not intend to take the place of a physician.  We only wish to share our resources on herbal remedies, vitamins/minerals and disease pathology with those of you looking for ways to empower your confidence with the knowledge of natural medicine ( this is a disclaimer, of course) 

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