Living Healthy Series
by Gail E.Fazio, MA

Master degree- Reading Specialist
Ph.D. candidate for Doctor of Naturopathy
Community Outreach Coordinator at
Feeling Light Holistic Wellness Center
Consultant and Lecturer
Special Education Teacher
And Mom

Gail is an Integrative Health Consultant and owner of Living Healthy, Inc.

Living Healthy is dedicated to empowering people to become more knowledgeable concerning their health and the natural alternatives available to them by providing three unique services.

The Living Healthy Personalized Planner is a unique service offered nowhere else. This Planner is developed for the client based on an in-depth, on-site evaluation of virtually everything used in and around the home from a holistic point of view. A bound notebook details what the client can do to take an active, holistic, and natural approach to health for the entire family.

All the resources needed to easily implement the plan is researched and listed in one place including specialists, holistic practitioners, support organizations, how to identify and eliminate toxins in the home, how to set-up a holistic medicine chest, and identifies unsafe products and practices you may be unwittingly utilizing. Follow-up support is available for those questions that may pop up after the on-site visit.

Our Herbal Fact Sheets are well-researched sources of information on the use of herbs for natural healing. These informative sheets provide you with well documented answers covering: indications, dosage, latest findings and studies, facts & tips, side effects, relevant comments, contraindications, pharmacological activities, therapeutic applications, safety profiles, and key references. We cover 30 different herbs and our Fact Sheets are excellent.

Our Alternative Medical Research Reports are for anyone suffering from a chronic illness or disease that is seeking substantial information on alternative, complimentary, non- traditional, and natural approaches.

A Living Healthy Report combs through the latest sources for research, books, studies, articles, and more, giving the client a personalized and comprehensive packet so well researched they feel comfortable presenting it to their doctor or health care professional for integration into their present course of treatment. A holistic glossary of terms is included as well as self-help tips; specialist and support group information; web sites, newsletters and books to explore; alternative medical practitioners in the client’s area, and sources for all of the above. Follow-up support options are available as well.

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