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Natural Birth Control Method
By Kristina Amelong
Certified Nutritional Consultant
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Natural Family Planning, when used correctly is an excellent tool for avoiding pregnancy without the harmful side effects of hormones. Fertility Awareness and Symptom-Thermal testing are tools to help women to learn about her body's signals. Through this method, couples can tell on a day-to-day basis whether or not they are capable of getting pregnant.

For about one-quarter of the menstrual cycle, woman are potentially fertile. Understanding when, in your cycle, you are fertile is a natural, reliable way for a woman to avoid (or increase) her chances of getting pregnant, while reducing or eliminating use of contraceptives. On this web page, I will discuss this method as a form of birth control. For issues of infertitily, look at the Fertitlity Enhancement Kit page.

Fertility awareness is a learned art. Modern methods of fertility awareness do not rely on the “Rhythm Method” or calendar calculations, but are based on a scientific and accurate understanding of fertility. An increasing number of women choose a natural method for health reasons or dislike of contraceptives. I personally found myself in the grips of a chronic illness just after taking my first shot of Depo-Provera.

As far as the clients I see as a Certified Nutritional Consultant and a colon hydrotherapist goes, Candida albicans or yeast overgrowth is an extremely common health problem. Numerous doctors have connected Candida related health problems to hormonal birth control methods. Besides health related issues, I personally have found it infinitely more satisfying to take my temperature in the morning before getting up than to stop lovemaking to put on a condom or insert a cervical cap.

Given this, I highly recommend that you take the time needed, just a few minutes a day, to chart your fertility signals and to learn what they mean. The following are the three main fertility signals used to predict fertility and ovulation:

1. Basal body temperature: This is the temperature of your body in a resting state, before any activity has occurred, taken at the same time every morning, with a special thermometer. Basal body temperature can be used to determine if you are ovulating, when it would be safe to have wonderfully natural intercourse without the risk of a pregnancy, when you will get your period, and if there are potential problems in your cycle. Body temperature cannot be used alone to determine fertility, since the rise in temperature indicates when ovulation has already occurred.

2. Cervical Fluid: The cervical fluid is an excellent indicator of fertility. Virtually all ovulating women experience an observable, changing pattern of cervical mucus throughout their cycle. Once you learn to recognize the changes, you will realize how simple your job of charting your fertility will be. When you are fertile, your cervical fluid becomes wet and has an eggwhite-quality to it. Mucus, as observed by a woman herself, is a scientifically verifiable sign of fertility.

3. Cervical Position: The two above measures are required. This measure is usually optional, but a very good indication of fertility. You check your cervix daily, or when you are experiencing the "egg white" type fluid, and fertility is assumed when the cervix changes from being low, thick and closed to being high (sometimes you can't even reach it) and open

Natural Birth Control

What are the other benefits of this method of birth control and/or pregnancy achievement?

* Encourages shared responsibility and fosters a more loving relationship.

* Enables a couple to be independent and in control of their fertility.

* Assists couples in getting pregnant. This method often avoids much of the confusion, expense and pain of infertility and medical intervention.

*Does not rely on regular cycles.

*Can be used at all stages of reproductive life and can serve as a permanent journal for a woman who wishes to compare changes in her gynecological health throughout the years. This broader understanding will help you become quickly aware of anything abnormal such as infections or cysts..

*Is up to 98% effective against pregnancy, when used by motivated couples, and is used correctly. It is equal in effectiveness to "the Pill."

* It is recognized by many religions as an acceptable form of birth control.

*It is useful to take along to yearly exams to help your health practitioner get a better picture of your health and cycles throughout the year.

*It can be used to understand and treat PMS discomfort and cyclic mood changes and to record energy changes and emotions. Charting can help you predict and plan for these times.

For more information contact:
The Optimal Health Center in Madison, Wisconsin at (608) 242-0200. Or E-mail to schedule an appointment online, by phone or in person.

DISCLAIMER- The Herbal and Natural Supplement information contained in these pages have been extracted from many sources including scientific study, folk wisdom and traditional uses. They are providied for educational purposes only. We do not intend to prescribe, treat, or diognose any illness. Consult your Natural Health Practitioner.

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