Cold and Flu Compendium
Weather Changes and Dormant Viruses

Fall is a tricky season to adjust to in Wisconsin, weather changes suddenly, and a cold, damp spell can set in for a week or two at a time following the most beautiful Indian Summer.  These quick changes in the weather really challenge the body that isn't well prepared and taken care of. 

Dr. John R.Christopher, author of School of Natural Healing,  writes that the body is constantly being bombarded by cold  and flu viruses and the extent of a viral infection depends on the quality of our diet, the amount of fresh air and exercise we receive, and how well our eliminative processes are working. 

Our bodies have dormant viruses that are opportunists waiting for our immune system to become weakened when they can manifest  themselves as an infection. When cold and flu season begins,  putting up your guard, and really paying attention to what you and your family  are eating, how much exercise and rest everyone is getting and the amount of fluids everyone is drinking, contributes to the ounce of prevention against colds, flus and other symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Children and adults that seem to catch every cold and flu that comes around should be considered for drastic lifestyle changes which include a diet that helps eliminate mucus (or catarrh) from the body. 

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